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A taste of bad weather!


How Can I keep from singing?

On line singing/concerts

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song of week 1 Wake up by Nick Prater Gareth Malone James Sills Sofa Singers

Some great and varied singing here

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Ideas from Chiltern Music Therapy song of week 2 E Malama Older postings to How can we keep sane Song of the week 3 I wish NVP On line choirs Song of the week 4 The angel rolled Song of the week5 Moon River Singing Mamas stay at home choir
Cat Mcgill
Self Isolation Choir Irish trad song we -On line Song of the week 6 Irish blessing Song of the week 8 Hazrat Bibi Song of the week 7 Siyahamba Birth of the lockdown choir Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra Stairway Imagine a choir The storm is passing over Bill Withers Lean on Me Song of the week 9 Motherland Song of the week 10 Love call me home

All of our songs of the week are at the bottom of this page

Awen London Phil He ain't heavy White winter Hymnal
Songs of the lockdown
White winter hymnal

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Tours Day in the life (Beatles cover) Hallelujah (another version) Song of the week 11 Anni Vodka Bohemian Crowd in London sing queen Drop of shanty Chaps choir Friends Gold in them there hills Chaps choir Cinema Paradiso theme A 52 second choir video Sotw 12 Bare necessities Sotw 13 New river train SOTW 14 Under the boardwalk Theme from Dancing with wolves 1000 reasons for a holiday in Scotland Comet Neowise Song of the week 16 E galile Friends Swann/Dyer Rain Thunder bolts and lightning Tornado Watch how still the ladies of the choir are in this piece On the nature of Daylight Mother Days like these Solar eclipse Comet Neowise revised Santiago Wait for it! Ya basta Winter solstice Orkney Song of the week 15 Linstead market