Village Voices, Towersey

Imagine a choir you don't have to audition for and you don't need to read music - you just need to like singing, or want to have a go at singing, or want to take up singing again after a break.




VILLAGE VOICES is a community singing group. We sing all types of songs from all over the world- traditional, folk, pop, ballads, gospel, jazz, blues.... you name it we try it! We learn these songs by listening and copying, from simple rounds and chants to glorious harmony singing, songs from a wide range of musical traditons, all made wonderful through our voices and sung a cappella (that means no accompaniment to you and me!).


Sarah Westcott, our musical leader, also leads "Sounds Fun!" community choir in Oxford, and believes everyone can sing. "Teachers who told children not to sing when they were young have done untold damage to lots of adults who are convinced they can't sing. I'm convinced everyone can and should be given the chance to have a go. That's what community choirs are all about - no-one is excluded, no-one is asked to sing solo, no-one is made to feel bad if they quite can't get that note; everyone is welcome and we try to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which everyone experiences the joyous and uplifting experience of singing together."


All are welcome to join. We have singers of all ages and both sexes, but could do with some more men! We have been running since 2009, and although we are not generally about performance we occasionally sing at local events, including the Towersey Festival and the Towersey fete, and at Christmas events in Oxford and Chinnor, all of which we have enjoyed very much.



We meet on Wednesday evenings at Towersey Memorial Hall, between, 7.30 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. The cost is £5, £1 for students, and your first visit is free. Some of us finish the evening in Towersey's convivial Three Horseshoes, which has some excellent brews. On the third Wednesday of each month we move to a nearby venue to enable a folk music group to use the Memorial Hall.

We take breaks in summer, at Christmas and New Year and around Easter.


You don't need singing experience, and you don't have to read music. Just turn up, or for more information see below for contact details.


Organisers Madeleine Smith and Ruth Ruddock.

Please direct any questions or comments by email to: [email protected]




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